Make a plan to do as little as you can, as often as you can, in 2021... :)

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Here we are. The end of the year and getting ready for 2021.

It's a time for reflection and the setting of goals and intentions for the new year.

But if you want to be successful with those goals, I have to encourage you to do as little as you can.

Ha! That's right You heard me.

"As little as you can."


OK, here's what I really mean.

Often, when you think about what you want to get done in the future, you often make the goal a relatively big one.

That makes it exciting. It stokes your imagination. Others say, "Wow!"

But setting that goal and getting excited about it doesn't get the job done.

You know what's way more effective?

Practically the opposite.

Doing the smallest thing you can do. A first step. An action. One thing.

And do THAT consistently. Once a day. Once a week. Once a month.

Do a super simple, no-brainer thing. And do it consistently.

That's how you will achieve great things in 2021.

Not by making a big plan. Not by putting all the stages and activities on the calendar so you can see and commit to it ALL.


Because the first deadline you miss on that calendar will put you on the defensive. Foment a little guilt. You'll start to worry if you can KEEP UP with THE PLAN.

And you won't.

Instead, a simple action, performed consistently leads to a sense of accomplishment. It creates learning and growth.

It builds momentum instead of having you measure or question it.

It leads to new opportunities and accomplishments you couldn't have planned for.

It's all in the doing. And doing it consistently.

So the real question is whether you take this notion of small action seriously. Can you forego the excitement of a big goal and identify a little action that you can start with?

Small. Consistent.

Now, the beauty of this is that as you begin, a number of other dynamics start happening.

You reflect on what happened when you did it. You get curious about how you can approach the next one. You seek to learn something to enhance the practice next time. You decide to adjust what the action is because you find a new direction. You pursue an opportunity that unexpectedly develops because of your tiny actions.

And ultimately, you guide yourself on a rewarding journey and achieve more than you could have planned for.

So in these last two days of 2020, take a moment to think of something really little you could start doing. And if you're up for it, hit that reply button and let me know what it is!

Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to connecting with you in 2021!


p.s. As you probably know, this notion of small actions is not a new idea. But the research is clear. (Ha, ha, good pun!) Because James Clear covers the topic well in his book, Atomic Habits. Here is a short article if you want to dive deeper:‚Äč

p.s.s. You wouldn't be wrong if you thought my note this week is just a big pep talk to myself! 2020 showed me how the same principle works in reverse. Forced into a new reality, small actions done consistently, turned into really bad habits and disappointing outcomes. So yes, I'm starting my new, small intentional actions just like I hope you will!

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