Developing flow by creating and engaging others

published5 months ago
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Good morning !,

I hope you’re doing well and working on interesting things.

Over the last six weeks or so, I've been in a real state of flow with this project I’m working on. Flow, you probably know, is where the challenges are a bit beyond one's capabilities, but not overwhelming. As such, working on it is a joy. Time flies. It’s rewarding.

I've been designing a new Catalyst training program with my exquisitely wonderful client, the Center for Care Innovations (CCI). As you can imagine, we're doing the training program fully remote this time.

I'd rather be traveling to Oakland to work with everyone in person for our energetic, fun and rewarding two-day workshops.

Yet, designing the program for remote engagement has provided an engaging creative challenge.

It's quite interesting looking at all the ways people attract others online to inform and engage in a quality way.

Online coaching, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, community platforms, membership huddles, emails and messaging, etc. Incredible the audiences they develop and reach they end up having.

Unlike traditional business communications, these approaches are more often than not user-centered, informal, informative, consistent and fun. There's a performant aspect to them and an undeniably authenticity. Most have a social dimension that allows both thoughtful AND fun banter.

And the tech to do them! Audio and visual gear. Unique controllers. Software and SAAS platforms. (Hit me up with any questions! :)

The gear and software tools provide so many ideas! -- not just for the current project but for ways clients in different industries could serve their clients and customers.

There's a lot to learn from what's happening in these spaces.

Maybe you've already upped your remote communication and facilitation game since the pandemic started. I highly encourage it for the creative experience it provides you and the new ideas it leads to.

Or maybe you've given up because you're “Zoomed Out.” :)

All the more reason to explore and experiment! Here are some fun things to try that have little to do with a typical zoom call:

  • Do a 30-day challenge to create and post something on your favorite social media channel every day. Align it with a topic that you want to explore or get better at.
  • Record a weekly podcast for your client, staff or broader adience. Don't think about winning Peabody awards. Make it a project update podcast, a topic you want to talk about or teaching how you do something.
  • Live stream your creative work on Twitch -- whether its putting a presentation together or designing something. Think out loud. Send colleagues or clients a link to pop in and ask questions.
  • Create a discussion group on Clubhouse, the newest and coolest audio-only social network.

All of these have the same intent. Getting you to create and put ideas out there consistently and generate creative flow in your life. All of them can be done privately or put out more publicly.

Don't worry about who shows up and how many. You may hit the energy jackpot and create something with momentum or it might turn out to engage just a few.

But in doing it, you'll create a sense of flow with all the exploration, setup, and production that it takes to make something happen. Of course, you could collaborate with your team to get it done.

It is indeed the journey, not the destination. Let's see where you end up.

As always, hit reply and let me know if you're going to try something. I'm happy to share tech and platform suggestions to get you going faster.

Have a great weekend!


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